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SPWF04S Server-side-includes

Question asked by stellaris on May 11, 2017
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I am using the SPWF04SA module. I am trying to create dynamic pages. My webpage is done and it works. I'm having problems with updating the tokens buffer using the AT+S.INPUTSSI command as described in the AN4965 Application note and UM2114 User Manual.

The problem is, if I send more than 255 bytes with AT+S.INPUTSSI command, the module became unresponsive! No more AT commands are recognized, and after 20 seconds the Watchdog resets the module. I think this is a bug, and if the SSI tokens buffer is limited to 255 bytes, this should be mentioned in the manual and/or application note.

So, when I send this:


I get no answer from the module, and I have to wait 20 seconds for the watchdog to reset the module.

Instead if I send this:


I get answer and everything is ok.


So, the question: is this a bug, or the tokens buffer are limited to 255. Even if the tokens buffer are limited to 255, this is a bug, because the module is completely blocked until the watchdog reset...

I hope you have a solution for this, because we are migrating from SPWF01S to this new module, and I really need dynamic pages for more than 255 bytes.


Thank you