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IHM08M1 with motor profiler not starting motor

Question asked by minthemerciless on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by thomas.greg.002

Hello all,


I recently X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 expansion board for a STM32F303RE NUCLEO board and I'm struggling to get it to drive a motor.

Note: I'm using version 4.3 of the motor control SDK.


I can successfully connect the motor profiler to the board and start the sequence but it never starts the motor.  The motor is a small 7 pole pair, 2300kV motor (0.43V/krpm), with a low winding resistance and inductance, Rm ~0.3mOhm, unknown inductance, I don't have the equipment to measure inductance without the motor profiler.


I have configured the IHM08M1 board as per the link in the profiler, removed R181, and bridged the jumpers to enable 3 shunt mode, and placed all the jumpers in the correct place.


When I start the profiler test, the motor twitches and I get a warning in the electrical model area saying that it's optimised for Rm > 1Ohm, and L > 1uH.  The motor never spins.  I eventually get a message about the max speed possibly being set too high or too low.  If I click continue, it just keeps doing the same thing (twitching), if a click cancel it stops (obviously) and I get a profiler failed message in the top right.


If I run the motor control workbench, go to the monitor and connect to the board, it will successfully connect but I can't get it to run the motor at all in torque or speed mode. The measured rpm ramps p but the motor doesn't rotate.  Doing this, I never get any fault flags, which surprises me.


I'm at a loss with this and any help would be great.


Thanks in advance.