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StdPeriph_Driver for STM8AF6223

Question asked by von_johnn_Marteville on May 10, 2017

I use the IAR embedded workbench IDE (version 2.20.2)

I have to change  the project from STM8S003 to STM8AF6223.

in the project options i have set the correct device and added the file stm8s_tim5.c and deleted the file stm8s_tim2.c

in the actual used library STM8S_StdPeriph_Driver I have uncommented the line


#define STM8AF626x */    /*!< STM8A Medium density devices */


to switch from STM8S003 to the medium density devices (STM8AF622x/4x)

compiling the project returns a lot of errors related to TIM5.


where can I get the actual release of the needed driver library for the STM8AF6223 ?


thanks for your response!