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ST7580 GUI  Issue

Question asked by KIJONG DOH on May 9, 2017

Hi,  Everyone!


I'm Sorry about asking  PLC problem on STM32s MCU community.


I have bought a PLC evaluation B'd that is STEVAL-IHP007V1 .

And  make test enviroment like below.

        PC <-- UART -->  STEVAL-IHP007V1  <---> AC Power Line

I was installed  ST7580 GUI package on Window10 NotePC.

The GUI connected to PC  via COM port.

I tried to read status of  the STEVAL-IHP007V1  PLC module form GUI,

But GUI  does not send any data to STEVAL-IHP007V1  PLC module.

I was probe Tx line of COM port but  does not capture any siganls on the Scope.

The GUI get Rx data from COM por


What is problems on this.?


Please help me,

Thank  you