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Examples for ethernet with STM32F746GDiscovery ?

Question asked by andy b on May 6, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by andy b

Hello fellow Stm32 explorers


I've searched for ethernet / TCP/IP examples for the stm32F746G discovery board but have found none.This seems weird since this board includes a PHY and a RJ-45 connector.There is a good chance that I've just walk right passed were they are located.I am working with the cube (this is my third stm32 discovery board) so i would prefer examples that are compatible with it (meanning examples that use HAL).I am mainly looking for examples that use Lw IP and that don't include Free RTOS but if the only examples include it ,I will work with it.I use IAR (32K max so limited for ethernet applications) and SW4STM32 (AC6's version of eclipse for stm32) so i would prefer IAR /GCC compatible examples.

I've seen some people adapt examples for other discovery boards , if there aren't any examples for this board are there any examples that could be slightly modified to work on my board ?

At this point im trying to learn TCP/IP on STM32's if there are other boards that you think would be a better choice feel free to tell me. (I already have acces to STM32F407 Discovery)

Thanks for the help