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Motor Workbench missing options + observer issues

Question asked by Vlad Simionescu on May 6, 2017



I am working on a motor control board and wanted to use the motor control workbench.

Right now I am faced with 2 configuration problems and I am curios if anyone the reason for them and if there might be an update to the workbench:

1) when I have configured Embedded HW OCP for the phase V only comp4/5 can be used. My board is using comp1. Funny thing is that I can edit the header file and it seems to be working but it is time consuming and annoying. So why isn't comp1 selectable?

2) the HW OCP seems to consider that the inputs come directly from the shunt resistors ( i have a 3 shunt resistor topology) and not from the external opamp that is used also for the current measurement. In my case the input is that from the opamp so I can't use the workbench for the OCP:(


Even without the OCP I got a Maxon 272763 started. The funny thing is that when I am using the Observer+pll ( no hall, or even with auxiliary halls) the motor has a massive overshoot at start( full rev). I tried tunning the startup parameters but it either fails to start or it goes to full rev and a second issue is that it is not able to change direction after it was started which I find quite strange. Did anyone else face similar problems and found the issue?


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