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V2.2.0 BlueMicrosystem2 would not build SW4STM32

Question asked by Dilbert K on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Dilbert K

I just started the SensorTile project and have installed the AC6 System Workbench.

Download 2 different SDK from ST.



The STLKT is fined, I could build and load the sample code into SensorTile without issue.


  • BlueMicrosystem2_V2.2.0\Projects\Multi\Applications\BlueMicrosystem2\SW4STM32\STM32L476RG-SensorTile\STM32L4xx-SensorTile


AC6 System Workbench

But when trying to build above project under "BlueMicrosystem2_V2.2.0", the build failed... with basic missing define


Symbol 'BNRG_SPI_EXTI_PIN' could not be resolved main.c /STM32L4xx-SensorTile/BlueMicrosystem2/User line 2036 

Symbol 'NULL' could not be resolved bluenrg_gap_aci.c /STM32L4xx-SensorTile/Middlewares/STM32_BlueNRG/HCI/Controller line 1312 Semantic Error


I tried to build the project using IAR, it passed without issue... but I don't have full license... Have to use AC6 with Eclipse.


Anyone has ideas what path configure is required ?