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STM32F030 - problems with ADC conversion time

Question asked by David Martins on May 6, 2017
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I need help finding a problem. I have been studying this situation for some time and I can not solve it.

The MCU used is the STM32F030F4P6.
I configured the ADC to use the dedicated ADC clock of 14MHz, use continuous conversion with 12bits and with interrupt at the end of each conversion.
According to the reference manual, I should be able to get conversions in 1us and that's what I'm looking for!
But at this point the conversion time is much higher than that, as you can see in the image. A pin does toggle whenever the interrupt is called and so the conversion time is 4.16us.
I can not find any math calculation for that value.

Can you help me?
I have no idea what can cause this! I have read the datasheet, reference manual, application notes, etc ... but nothing gives me clues as to what can happen.


pin toggle