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Problem implementing the USB device CDC in my firmware

Question asked by lecordier.guy.001 on May 5, 2017


I need to install the usb device on my board to send data to a computer.

I use the USB_OTG_HS CDC but it does not work with my software.

The code was first generated by CubeMx, it works on my custom board equipped with the stm32f429.

The computer detects the board and the board can sent data to the computer.

I copy this code in my application software based on eCos rtos, the board is not detected by the computer, the board software receives the 1st descriptor request but the descriptor answer is not output (checked with an usb tracker).

There are some interruptions, the GPIO registers are still correctly programmed.

I disabled all the features of the application (I2C, SPI, CAN) but nothing is better

Could someone highlight me on some verification.