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EVALSTPM34 SPI Interface and SYN line

Question asked by Rob Parsons on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by Rob Parsons

I am trying to connect the EVALSTPM34 SPI interface to a microprocessor board that has a PMOD interface (see attachment) that is configured to support SPI.


PMOD SPI Interface to EVALSTPM34 Metering Board

Set rotary switch to 2

MASTER             SLAVE
(freja board)         (EVALSTPM34 board)

1 (SS) ------------> (SCS) 5

2 (MOSI) ---------> (MOSI) 2

3 (MISO) <---------- (MISO) 4

4 (SCK) -----------> (SCL) 6

                               (GND) 3

                               (VCC) 10

                               (SYN) 8

                               (NC) 1

                               (NC) 7

                               (NC) 9


I am only using 4 lines of the SPI interface.

The SYN line is not connected.


Section 8.6.1 of the attached DM00111861 datasheet describes how the SPI SYN line is used for latching and resetting.


I am using this method to latch register values: "Writing the channel latch bits before each reading (S/W Latchx in DSP_CR3)"


It is not clear how the SYN line is used for normal read/write transactions.


Is is required to use the SYN line for normal read/write transactions?