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How to retrieve the handle of a service and characteristic from an initialized BlueNRG-MS module?

Question asked by Muhammad Waseem Abbas on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Muhammad Waseem Abbas

Hi All,


Can we somehow retrieve the handle of service and characteristic of that service form an already initialized BlueNRG-MS module. I need to do this for the following scenario:


I initialize a BlueNRG-MS module, add some services and characteristics to it and then shutdown the external processor while the BlueNRG-MS module is still running in initialized state and advertising. Then I connect to the BLE module through an Android App and the module sends a wake-up signal to the external MCU via SPI-IRQ pin. The external MCU wakes up but we do not initialize the BLE module again as it has been already initialized and is directly connected to the Android app. Now, to update the values of characteristics we need the characteristic and service handles but as the external MCU has restarted, we have lost those handles and thus can't update the characteristic values without handles. Is there any way that we can get those handles from the BLE module after the external MCU has been restarted?



Waseem Abbas


CC: Antonio Vilei, Andrea Palmieri