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I-CUBE_LRWAN End Node does not work stably

Question asked by ruslan-maniak on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by john doe


I try to use I-CUBE-LRWAN example End Node for stm32L152. Base station is iC880A with raspberry pi 3. Also i use I ported this example to iM880B (stm32L151CB-A + sx1272). And my end node device easy joined to base station and to cloud. But after first sending frame with data, LoRaMacState == LORAMAC_TX_RUNNING. And when time is gone for next send frame, LoRaMacState not cleared. So next frame is not sending while not reboot device. I found that after first send frame, in function OnRxWindow2TimerEvent():

if( RegionRxConfig( LoRaMacRegion, &rxConfig, ( int8_t* )&McpsIndication.RxDatarate ) == true )
RxWindowSetup( rxConfig.RxContinuous, LoRaMacParams.MaxRxWindow );
RxSlot = rxConfig.Window;

Condition not met, because SX1272.Settings.State == RF_RX_RUNNING, but must be SX1272.Settings.State == RF_IDLE. 

All parameters in example is default. What is wrong? How can I fix that problem? Thanks.