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transformer stm32f407

Question asked by mahadoria.gajraj_sin on May 5, 2017

Dear All,


I am  looking for some support in verifying our transformer design as i am  having some trouble in generating the output and i have doubts on the transformers we already have.

> Processor used : STM32F407

> Use case : 48 V DC on the transformer primary is switched by the controller to generate 1600 V Peak to Peak output on the secondary in 160KHz frequency.

> Issue : When the transformer is loaded, the clock of the STM controller changes and there seems to be some disturbance to the power section too.

> When the primary voltage is reduced from 48V to a lessor voltage like 5V-12V, depending on the board, this works as expected with lessor output P2P in the secondary.


Please help me to resolve the issue.