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issue with SDIO on STM32F746

Question asked by ml.michal on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by ml.michal

Hi everybody,


i'm having issue with reading SD card on STM32F746,

i need to read file with size 1.5GB from SD card using SDIO with FatFS library,

i used CubeMX for clock calculations :

external HSE crystal 12MHz

PLL: M: /6, N: x216, P: /2, Q: /9,

CLK48 = 48MHz, HCLK = 216MHz, SDMMC clk switched to PLL48CLK = 48MHz


everytime when try to read same file , i got disk io errors from SDIO controller, it happens randomly after 2MB - 3MBytes ... without DMA,


please anybody could help me to solve my issue ?

when i use SD card in card reader - file is read continuously until the end correctly ...


EDIT: same testcase went successful on STM32F417 ... but on F7 failed  :-(

error got from HAL in SDMMC_STA register : RXOVERR ... but i don't use DMA :-(


kind regards,