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STM32L4 + ILI9341 16 bit + STemWin

Question asked by Silas Valera on May 2, 2017
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I had this previous set up of STM32F4 + ILI9341 8 bit interface + STemWin - but that did not work for me after trying out for sometime (ref : STM32F4 + TFT LCD driver with 8bit parallel interface ) 


Since actually I want my final project on L4 due to its low power feature, I thought let me use that and make that set up work with STemWin. So now I have Nucleo-L476RG + TFT LCD display with ILI9341. I am actually using GPIOB port as 16bit parallel port to write to display and other port pins for controls (WR, RD, CS, RST, RS). This set up works perfectly fine - I can fill the screen with colors.


Now to use STemWin - I moved these base functions to LCDConf.c - I have attached copy with this. Along with other files included into my project and with CRC enabled, after building and running the project, nothing shows up on the screen. Single stepping in debug mode, I found that when calling GUI_Init() it goes through functions LCD_X_Config(), LCD_X_DisplayDriver() and also does LCDInit(), but then it gets lost..  Anyone facing similar issue? I really need to get this setup working - any suggestion or pointer will be very much appreciated. 


Thanks in advance..