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STM32F103 UART problem - receiving DMX / RS-485

Question asked by jan.w on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by jan.w

Dear All,


I have some problems with receiving DMX-512 data on a STM32F103RB.

I am using mbed and the library i found for this is meant for the F303 version.

When i look at the Typedef _uart there is a difference in those 2 chips in the uart registers.


void DMX::int_rx () {     
int flg, dat;       
#ifdef TARGET_STM        
dat = _dmx.getc();         
flg = (_uart->ISR & (USART_FLAG_FE | USART_ISR_IDLE)) == (USART_FLAG_FE | USART_ISR_IDLE);         
if (flg) {             
_uart->ICR = USART_ICR_FECF;         


Since ISR and ICR are not in that typedef i get errors on the flag, but i don't know how i can fix this.

Could anyone help me with this?


Thank you in advance!