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Question asked by roundy.nathan on Apr 30, 2017
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Hello: How to connect a AK5534 4-Channel Differential 32-bit delta sigma audio ADC to a STM32f407  I2S port using DMA?  The 5534 outputs a Time Division Multiplex TDM mode where the first channel data comes out with the first LRCK (programmable polarity).  All the rest of the channels then follow with the next LRCK (multiple 32 bit ADC words without additional clock changes).    Multiple 5534 can be connected in cascade with the same format.

My question is will the I2S port on the F407 deal with this ok? I read that the length of the data left and right does not have to match.  And the F407 DMA will store 2 16 bit words for every  The first data out should be ok, but will the F407 choke on multiple 32 bit words?

Does anybody have sample code for dealing with AKM audio ADC's?

Thanks, Nathan