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STM32F769I-Discovery - upload to QSPI Flash from uSD card, and display on LCD

Question asked by john doe on Apr 29, 2017

To prove a bad thing can get worse, I stitched together some of the HAL example code


This project takes RGB8888 bitmaps [max of 25] and uploads them to the QSPI Flash on-board. It outputs information on uart 1

GitHub - ProjectsByJRP/uSDcard_to_QSPI_flash: STM32F769I-Discovery board - bitmaps from uSD card -> QSPI Flash 


This project takes the bitmaps in the QSPI flash and displays them on the on-board LCD. output on uart1

GitHub - ProjectsByJRP/QSPI_Flash_to_LCD: STM32F769I-Discovery board - display bitmaps from QSPI flash on LCD