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Bootloader Framing Errors - STM32L052

Question asked by Steve Krattiger on Apr 28, 2017
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I'm writing an application on an STM32L052 that uses the UART (115200-N81), and I need to use the Bootloader for code upgrades.   


If run the Bootloader using the BOOT0 pin, the UART initializes fine and I can upload code at any baud.   However if I jump to the Bootloader code from my application, the Bootloader isn't initializing the UART correctly, and I get framing-errors transmitted out from the CPU.   


From the scope traces (good and bad are attached), I can see that at any baud rate (115200-E81 shown), the Tx signal is switched to '0' between each byte instead of staying high, this causes a framing error.   It almost seems as though the stop-bit is missing or inverted.   


I'm guessing that in my application's use of the serial port, something is left in a register somewhere that doesn't get initialized in the Bootloader code.   Since I cannot modify the Bootloader code, I need to find the errant register that causes a missed stop-bit, or causes this framing error.   


Anyone run into this before???    


- SteveK