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USB Driver Issue for Windows 10

Question asked by Kale.Sumit on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by bhatia.kumar



I am trying to integrate my custom board (STM32F205 VCT) with PC to send data over USB using Full Speed functionality.


Earlier i tried same with STM32F4 Discovery board & everything went right & i was able to receive data by USB over PC (Windows 10). However when i am trying to connect USB port of my custom device with PC its showing Error "USB not Detected".


Pin 71 is connected to D+ (White wire from USB Cable)

Pin 70 is connected to D- (Green Wire)

Ground from Custom Board


In Program Stack & heap Size are 0x2000 & 0x4000 resp.


I also read other Forums especially about Windows 10 USB Driver Issue but i coudnt figuré it out how i can solve mine


Do i Need to use 22ohm resistors over Pin 70 & 71 (On discovery board USB schematics its shown that 22ohm resistors are used) as USB is working over Discovery board on Windows 10 & i am able to get data over PC.



So any suggestions?