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HTTP POST on a secure connection

Question asked by Matteo Pezzoli on Apr 27, 2017
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I'm currently using the SPWF01SA module to make a POST request on a server. My tests using went smoothly, but as soon as i try to make the request on the actual server, it responds with an error 307 (temporary redirect). My fear is that the server is forcing me to make a secure connection (as in forcing me to make the request on "https://server.uri" instead of "http://server.uri").

I tried using the entire uri ("https://server.uri") as an argument of the AT+S.HTTPREQ command, but in that case the module is responding with "host not found".

So i guess my question is: is it possible to force the request to be on a secure connection? Or should i avoid the issue by manually opening a secure socket and then writing my request?


Thank you