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How to open an example application project

Question asked by lobo.loyd on Apr 26, 2017

Hi.....i have worked  with "Getting started with the Contiki OS/6LoWPAN on STM32 Nucleo with SPIRIT1 and sensors expansion boards" and have been successful in creating a 6lowpan network and getting access of the sensor readings on COAP client through sensor-er-rest-example......the thing is that i want to create an application so that i can get the readings of an untrasonic sensor connected to one of the GPIOs of the nucleo board ....but i am not sure how to open and modify the sensor-er-rest-example project in a compiler (eg:keil).... Can any one plz help me find a solution for this , or provide me with a project where i can get to access the sensor data on COAP in 6lowpan network.