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Building a custom external loader for a custom board based on a STM32F7 MCU

Question asked by soumaya BEN MANSOUR on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Leo Cheng

Hi community,


I have to write an external loader that is capable of programming a flash memory.


I'm working on a custom board based on a STM32F7 MCU with the framework touchGFX to realise a graphical user interface. For this I use an external loader which will allow the ST link to load the code into the card. I need the external loader for touchGFX because the assets (images, font ...) are too large to be loaded into the memory of the MCU and have to be loaded directly into the flash.


The micro controller that I’m using at present is the same as the STM32F769I-Discovery board , NOR Flash Memory is from micron (N25Q128A13ESE40E) and IDE is keil.


The difficulty is actually what to put exactly in the external loader in addition to the information of the flash, what's the whole file structure and especially how to compile the code so that it is readable by the ST link.


Do you have any experiences writing an external loader on your own? or do you have examples codes for the external loader of stm32f769i or stm32f746g?


Thanks in advance