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VL6180X API and sample code

Question asked by Ba_urin.Tomislav on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Rafael Dias

Hello, I am using VL6180X-SATEL on STM42F4 Discovey Board and download the STSW-IMG003 software. When I implement it in Keil v5.0.0 and try to use vl6180x_simple_ranging.c code, program shows mi 3 errors, that file vl6180x_sample_plat.h in vl6180x_simple_ranging.c cannot be found, and that unist.h and pthread.h cannot be found in vl6180x_platform.h


I was looking all over the downloaded files, but found nothing. Wonder if you can help me with this problem, and describe where i can find solution?