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STM3210B-MCKit, More motorpower

Question asked by malex on Sep 21, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am working with STM3210B-MCKIT and 3.2-Motorlibrary. My problem is the motor (Shinano LA052-080E3NL1) has not enough power, it is very easy to stop it with a hand. The power stage has during motorstop a power consumption of ca. 0.5A (monitor in ST Motor Control Workbench shows ca. 10 Watt). I would expect increasing of current up to current limitation (in my case 3,5 A) if you try to stop it. 

I have tried different configurations to control the motorspeed: encoder, hall-elements, sensorless, but without success, there always the same: motorpower is too low. What can I do to get more power?

Thanks for help in advance.