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TIM7 time base config with hal lib is disabling interruption after few attended interruptions.

Question asked by Eugenia Suarez on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Eugenia Suarez

I configured TIM7 as time base timer using HAL_TIM libs as indicated in this post: Choosing a timer and what mode for only counting time periods. 

At interruption callback I increase a counter var in order to get multiples of 100us timings for different tasks. But first I started trying and testing with toggle led every 500ms (I know is a low freq but i need to see it with my eyes). 


The fact is that when app runs in debug mode, it seems to start correctly: every 100 counts of cnt register one interruption is activated and counter increases unity. This ocurres until counter reaches once 11 or 12, but the number of the last attended interruption is about 12. After this, cnt counter runs and restarts correctly. But no interruption is activated, thread didn't pass to the irqhandler neither elapsedtimeinterruption callback.


Which could be the cause of this behavior?


Could be the cause on HAL library that is disabling updates or interruptions?