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SDRAM config and limitations for STM32F746G-DISCO when running at 216MHz

Question asked by Malai.Iulian on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Malai.Iulian

Hello everyone,


I'm working on a project for the STM32F746G-DISCO board. The system clock is set to 200MHz as in the majority of the examples provided with the STM32F7Cube. I want to switch to 216MHz, maximum for this board.

1. Can someone tell if there is any limitation for this board when using the maximum frequency(e.g. for peripherals like USB, SDRAM)?

2. It seems that I have problems with the SDRAM configuration(file system_stm32f7xx.c, function SystemInit_ExtMemCtl()) when the system clock is set to 216MHz and there is no example in the STM32F7Cube using the SDRAM and the maximum frequency. Can someone from ST provide the right configuration for this case?


Thank you in advance,