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MMFAR Strange Address

Question asked by denehan.joe on Apr 25, 2017

Hi, I'm doing a project on an STM32F407 device. I'm getting an intermittent Hardware Fault (see attached). From the stacked PC address the error appears to be happening when vsnprintf had been called and is running. vsnprintf is being used in a custom printf function to output debug info over serial CDC.


From the Fault report in Keil it indicates a PRECISEERR and a Bus Fault address of 0x00170424. This is a strange address as it doesn't appear anywhere in the memory map for this F4 device. No external memory is in use and Boot space is Main Flash memory (BOOT0 =0, BOOT1=1)


Is this a re-mapped address maybe?. MEM_MODE in SYSCFG is 0x00.