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Problems with SDK3.2 and MCWB 2.0

Question asked by Pif on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by Gigi
I have an IPMM with absolute position resolver mounted on it. Unfortunately i can not use it even with decoder - absolute position to 12-16 bit paralel interface. Thats why i try to run in sensorless modes with 2 insulated current sensors.
I tried with 3.0 and MCWB 1.2 but wasnt able to run the interrupts and the serial communication. After that i tried with 3.2 and workbench 2.0 and the FW compiled correctly. When try to connect MCWB 2.0 to FW 3.2 there is an error that says some version incompatibilities. I connect FW 3.2 (with parameters generated from MCWB2.0) with serial communication to MCWB 1.2. Then i have the motor spinning just for few turns.
It behaves like that: First it runs DC for few miliseconds and after that it generates 9 sine waves with frequency 20 Hz and maximum voltage (PWM 0-100%). After that the motor stops and displays Speed Feedback Error.
In one of 10 or 20 runs the FW halts on the moment with the DC on the motor and looses commmunication with the PC. I have to reset the board so i can have it working again.

Please tell me what i do wrong so i can not run the motor in sensorless mode? Is it very critical about motor parameters?
Also what is wrong so FW 3.2 can not communicate to MCWB 2.0 ?