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Nucleo L432KC bootloader via UART failed

Question asked by Yu LU on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Yu LU

Hi, I met a problem using bootloader on pc to wirte program into STM32L432KC via UART.

Here is the process I did :

1,I connect D1/Tx and D0/RX(PA9 and PA10 of STM32L432KC) to CH340 USB to UART board, 5V Vin and GND. USB to PC.

2, I connect 5V to pin 31 of STM32L432KC:PH3\BOOT0 , reset the ic, then pull PH3\BOOT0 = 0V. 

The LED do not blinky, which means the stm32L432KC is in boot mode.

3, I opened Flash Loader Demonstrator boot loader, chose the COM port , click next:

THen next: 

The software can not read Flash Mapping, nor the target name.Can not do anything with this.


Checked in ST link Utility, no Read out protection. 


So I do not know what is the problem ? Software or hardware ? Nucleo board or CH430 ?

Thank you!