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STM32CubeMx 4.20.1: Clock Configuration GUI not working

Question asked by katzenberger.michael on Apr 21, 2017
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Hi all!

The Clock Configuration GUI shows a weird behavior: I'm not able to put a valid input frequency for HSE (or LSE).

For example I want to setup the input frequency to 8 MHz:

  • entered value 8 is not accepted - changed to 0.0000000000080 immediatelyvalue 8 entered
  • entered value 8000000 is accepted and changed to value 8 but as soon as the focus is changed to an other element the value jumps to 0.0000080 value 8000000 entered


Development environment:

  • Eclipse Neon 3
  • STM32CubeMx version: 4.20.1 (Eclipse plugin)
  • Java: jdk1.8.0_25
  • ioc config file attached


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