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LIS2DE12 Mems Accelerometer Interrupts

Question asked by ARASIAH.BALAGANESH on Apr 22, 2017

I am currently trying to interface LIS2DE12 Mems Accelerometer in our project.

The datasheet is all about hints more than explanations


I scrolled around datasheet and couldn't find the meaning for AOI Function interrupt,  IA_1  & IA_2 Interrupt

Couldn't even guess these things.

What are those interrupts mean ?



And one more doubt :

There are interrupts for new data available in x,y and z axis

What is that new data actually mean ?

I think new data will be available in the rate of ODR (Output Data rate). So why there is a separate interrupt needed for that ?

Or will the interrupt occurs when a new data is available which crosses a threshold difference of the old data ? 



My Requirement :

* Activity detection (Rest to Motion)

* Inactivity detection (Motion to rest)