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first time here - help with stlink programmer

Question asked by shine668555 on Apr 22, 2017
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Hi there people!

Ive got one big but a very basic question for yall

Im just curious if following things are even possible and is this forum right place to find info

Ive never ever been into this so know absolutely nothing yet.

but any way ive got a keyless engine start module
a board with a few relays caps transistors etc

its got the pins i believe are for the stlink to connect 


code of mcu is STM8S103F3P6

and also got a small usb stlink debugger 10 pins, same as on module plus a few others (attached pics)
and my curiosity is if theres a way to communicate with it and edit something in the code thats on the board.

in short words when module is activated from car inputs the push button (connects to board) stays active for 20 seconds, after 20 secs its inactive and i have to relock unlock car to activate push button again.

I would like it to stay active for longer like a minute or so. that is why im here and asking if such thing is possible.
also if anyone could tell from this if it needs its 12v power plus debugger t communicate or debugger would supply enough for it.
Sorry ifd this is the wrong place to ask or my *** question is too dumb to even look into, but much appreciated if someone helps me out anyhow.
Thanks in advance!