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STM32F334 RTC Smooth Calibration

Question asked by Manu Abraham on Apr 20, 2017
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Trying to calibrate the RTC, Using a LSE with 32768kHz xtal, which is running at a frequency of 32985.6Hz.


// with 32768Hz LSE, with AsynchPre=0x7f(128),
// CALIBOUT = 257.7Hz (measured on a scope)
// 32768/128 = 256Hz, but output is 257.7Hz
// 257.7Hz * 128 = 32985.6Hz
// error in this situation: +217.6 pulses
// 257.7 / 256.0 = 1.006640625


Doing smooth calibration with the CALM bits appeared to the straightforward choice to do the error correction.


So, I did


    // RTC Block diagram Fig:320 on Page #825 of the Reference Manual
    // RTC_OUT can either Output RTC_CALIB or RTC_ALARM
    // RTC_CALIB is either 1Hz or 512Hz, which is derived from RTCCLK
    // RTC_OUT, RTC_TS, RTC_TAMP1 are mapped to the same pin PC.13

    // RTC Calib Output on PC.13
    __GPIOC_CLK_ENABLE();                /* PC.13 CALIB_OUT    */



    RTC_CalibOutputCmd(ENABLE);            /* 1Hz on PC.13            */
                  RTC_CALR_CALM_7);        /* subtract 127 clocks        */


I get the very same frequency on PC.13, irrespective of the CALM bits.


Am I on the right path ?

Wondering whether the PC.13 pin is supposed to reflect the changes set by Smooth Calibration ?

Can someone clarify ?