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STM32f4 USB HS HAL Driver bugs  

Question asked by Alexey Antipov on Apr 19, 2017
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I'm working on application of USB communication with high speed (about 50 Mbit/s). So I used ULPI PHY.

For some purpose I used CubeMX (v 4.20.1) and was surprising that my application didn't work.  Enabling DMA on USB controller crashed all communications but I needed it for high speed. I started to trace the code and found some bugs in HAL Driver:

1. DMA doesn't enable properly.

2. Dedicated interrupts for endpoint1 doesn't set properly.

After I fixed these  bugs my application started work properly. I can't find any mention of resolving the same problem in the Internet and I hope that my information is helpful.


I attached two patches for stm32f4xx_hal_pcd.c and stm32f4xx_ll_usb.c files to this message.