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STM32Cube Bug? Nucleo-F746ZG doesn't work when HSE is enabled as PLL source, How to fix?

Question asked by Jin.Ian on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Jin.Ian

I'm testing STM32F746GZ for our new project now. I use STM32CubeMx V4.20.0 with FW_F7 V1.6.1 generated a empty project for Nucleo- F746ZG board as MDK-ARM V5 project. There was no any problem if I use HSI as system clock PLL source(default).


However, after I enabled and switched system PLL clock source to HSE in byPASS mode(default 8MHz MCO on Nucleo-F746ZG), it stopped working inside "SystemClock_Config()".


My case is very easy to be duplicated if you have a Nucleo-F746ZG board.

I believe STM32Cube has a bug for running HSE on F7 processor. It would be very appreciated if any body over there can help fixing this issue.


Thank you in advance.