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[STM32F7] Use LSE as Timer source

Question asked by Aaron Pica on Apr 20, 2017

I'd like to use the LSE to clock an internal Timer. I had this implementation in some L1 devices, but I think this feature is missing with F7.


  • With L1 I had TIM10 with ETR2 as clock souce + ETR remaped to use LSE.
  • In F7, the ETR feature only allows getting the source from an external pin (TIMx_ETR) in TIM1/TIM2/TIM3/TIM4/TIM5/TIM8. The other timers (TIM6/TIM7/TIM9/TIM10/TIM11/TIM12/TIM13/TIM14) don't have this option.


Is the LPTIM1 the only way to use the LSE as a clock source? Am I missing something?


Thank you