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LSM6DS3 Delay

Question asked by bujak.daniel on Apr 19, 2017

I'm using the LSM6DS3 to control a gimbal with a camera on it, and I'm noticing that my control is suffering due to delay in the system. I have configured the LSM6DS3 for an output datarate of 208Hz, with the fifo in bypass mode and I'm also sampling the sensor at 208Hz. However when I measure the delta between a physical input to the camera and the observable difference in the LSM6DS3 readings, I see about 20ms of delay. When I increase the datarate of the sensor to 833Hz, the delay is reduced to roughly 10ms, but this delay still seems rather large.


Is there any spec on the bandwidth/ delay/ latency of this sensor? What can I do to get the absolute latest readings from it?