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STM32F4 USB_OTG_HS CDC (Virtual COM Port) Issue

Question asked by Kale.Sumit on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Kale.Sumit


I am trying to implement USB Connection using High Speed (HS) mode for Virtual COM Port. Under USB_OTG_HS in cube MX i have configured "Internal FS Phy -> Device_only" &  under USB_DEVICE "Class for HS IP-> Communication Device Only".


Initially i did same for Full Speed bus & its successfully running. However when i am configuring High Speed bus i am not getting data over PC.


So what will be possible error?


I have connected USB from Board to PC & Drivers are also installed properly. Clock configuration is also fine (Used Cube MX for same).


By refering some earlier questions from STM Community i tried to do some changes in "usbd_cdc_if.c" file as well. Do i Need to connect "PB14, PB15 morpho Pins" to somewhere? Now i have just plugged in my USB through "CN5" on STM32F4 Discovery board.


I have attached my Code below.


So where i am going wrong?