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I want to take audio buffer into sram1(116kb) in stm32f4 Discovery board and apply noise cancellation.

Question asked by m.Ateef on Apr 19, 2017

I am taking data from usb otg fs into DMA ping-pong buffer and playing through speaker it via eternal DAC codec. I want to apply invert filter to data before sending it to DAC code for playing inverted phase to cancel noise. I want to know how to use sram1 to read and write data buffer in stm32F4Discovery. This board doesn't support FMC libraries, instead it support FSMC HAL libraries and there's not support for read-write operation into ram by stm32f4xx_hal_FSMC libraries. Please give me the solution for noise cancellation in stm32F4Discovery board so that I can take data and invert its phase to make anti noise and cancel corresponding noise.