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STM32F429 USB and FMC interoperability problem

Question asked by Altinordu.Zekeriya on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Altinordu.Zekeriya

I am trying to use SDRAM (42S16400J) and NOR flash (M29W256GL) with STM32F429. With the code I generated with STM32CubeMX, Flash and SDRAM are working without problems. When I add USB-FS-OTG (device) to the project, the processor is blocked. The code is running when I turn off flash and SDRAM initialize operations. But with the first FMC operation I made while adding USB OTG to the project, the processor is blocked. I would like you to share if there is any reasoning about this problem.

Thank you