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Choosing a timer and what mode for only counting time periods.

Question asked by Eugenia Suarez on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Clive One

I'm using HAL_TIM library for my timer proposal. I would like to count 100 us. My idea is starting to run a MCU timer in free run mode and having and interruption every this timer period. I have read there are several timers in my st used (stm32L476), and every timer has 3 or 4 channels: pwm, output mode, input capture, compare, etc.. But I don't know which will be the best for my proposal. I guess I can discard PWM modes or input capture mode, cause I only want to be internally counting time being passed, I don't want to be outputing any signal or reading an input pin. 


Which is the channel or mode I must choose in order to have an interruption every 100us, 10us, or Xus? (of course I know I must handle the interruptions by sw but first I need to count period in the correct channel/mode)


  • input capture
  • output compare
  • pwm generation
  • one pulse mode output.


Any help will be appreciate. Thanks in advance.