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Link CR95HF with Qt Creator

Question asked by Simon NOWAK on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by NFC/RFID ST Support

Hi everybody, 


I would like to use my CR95HF reader in a Qt quick application (on Windows computer). For that I tried to include the CR95HF.dll and the CR95HF.h in my project. For that I paste the two files on my Qt project folder and include my dll in my .pro like that:

   LIBS += -L"./CR95HF.dll"

And the header file in my main.cpp like that:

  #include <./CR95HF.h>

The both files are corretly find. My problem is the "HidManager.h". Indeed this file is not find by the header file.
Maybe I need to past these files in another place ?

Does anyone have any idea to help me ?

Thanks a lot !
Have a good day