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Problems using the internal bootloader with an STM32F7

Question asked by Rubén Acerete Halli on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by Imen D

Hello, I would like updating the firmware of an STM32F767ZI using the internal boot loader. I am using the USART3 (PB10 and PB11). In order to transfer the program I am using the program “Flash Loader Demostrator”.

My testing application has two parts. A led blink implemented in the main loop and the jump to the internal boot loader implemented in and EXTI interrupt. In that way when I press a button the application jump to the internal boot loader code and starts the updating process.

When I press the button and I star the communication with the flash Loader everything seems ok:

When I try reading the firmware appear the following message:

I try enabling the reading with the Flash Loader:

The program informs that the memory will be erased. After the process the result is:

When I try reading the program the result is the same as before:

If I use the ST_LINK Utility I can read and write the memory without problems. The configuration of the Option Bytes is:

I have tested the same process with STM32F407 and everything works fine.


Can anyone help me?