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STM32L432KBUx can't load program

Question asked by Plantin.Anthony on Apr 19, 2017

Hi there ,
We using AC6 IDE to develop our application based on VL53L0X and STM32L432KBUx. Everything was good until I can't program my target.

At the beginning only the debug session worked fine. But now I'm not able to start a debug sesions. I used stlink-utility to checked if the MCU was in write protection or something. With the stlink-utility I'm able to program and verifiy the MCU's flash. But the program doesn't run. And the MCU core is hatled and I can't run it.

I checked the reset line and everything is ok to me. The line is high and is driven by the stlink.
I Attached the error message from eclipse and the console error from eclipse as well.


Thank you for you reply.