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STM32F446RCT6 Timer1 counter mode regs

Question asked by utpal kumar on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by waclawek.jan

Dear All,


This is regarding the Timer 1 counter mode issue that we are facing with STM32F446RC microcontroller. We are trying to use F446 Timer 1 to count the external clock pulse by configuring timer 1 slave mode to External Clock Mode 1 with pulse input in TI1FP1 pin.


Here is the Configuration:

TIM1.SMCR = 0x57

TIM1.CCMR1 = 0x01

TIM1.CCER = 0x0B

TIM1.ARR =0x1388

TIM1.CR1 = 0x01


But the timer is start counting with internal clock when the input pulse is high and stop counting when the input is low. it's working similar to the gated mode configuration. But the expected behaviour is the timer should count the external pulse as it's configured to External Clock mode 1 and it's not working in F446 uC.


Here is the screen capture of TIMER 1 Register configuration debug window.

Same configuration is working fine with STM32F030 uC.

So please check and let us know, if there is any issue in our timer configuration.