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EEPROM addressing issue

Question asked by Chayan Roy on Apr 15, 2017
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Here is my code for writing a byte into internal eeprom. Problem is  when -ever  I write a byte to the internal data rom ,its is  written to (address+1)  place into the  rom ...what I  mean to ..if I try to  write some  value say..8 a specific address ..say..0x4021,the value  is written to  the address 0x4022 instead of address 0x4021.  I am readingthe written content in STVP. Am I making  any mistake......any suggestion will be great help to me. Thanks.


#include "STM8S003F3P.h"


 unsigned int *ptr=(unsigned int *)0X4000;
while (1){


if(!(FLASH_IAPSR & (1<<3))){
                            FLASH_IAPSR &=~(1<<3);