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stm32f2 usb sound card

Question asked by Bae.KyungMi on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by Amel N

I want to develop USB streaming sound card using stm32F2xx series.


I can use stm32cubeMx and AC6 sw4stm32, but cannot use other IDE.


I found,

- UM0424 STM32F10XXX 
- STM3210B-EVAL 
- STM3210E-EVAL 
- STM32L152-EVAL

- AN2739 F103 

But all of these sample sources can not use in sw4stm32. 


The stm32cubeMX code works well enumeration USB audio class, but the PC's streaming sound are not arriving on my board.


I want to catch the streaming data from PC in the endpoint 1(out), but anything not arrived.

Please let me know the best, short way what I can do.

Or let me know the AC6 sw4stm32 sample code of USB sound card sample source.