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Where is main.h and where should i put macro code for a project CubeMx gives?

Question asked by Taehyeong Gu on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Taehyeong Gu

Hi. guys.


it's simple question to someone, which is not me.

Where can i find main.h from a project the CubeMX provide?

below only header files i can find are.

I have been curious when i was going to find and utilize USART_TwoBoards_Compolling example.

and there are these codes in its main.h

So i wanted to copy this code and i couldnt find proper place(main.h) to paste it.


anyway my question is where i can find main.h or other header file which contains  "/* Exported macro------------*/ "

of course i explore in mxconstatns.h but i thought the header file isnt for maco code.


thanks in advance.