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BlueNRG-MS: Impossible to transmit multiple Write Requests in a single Connection Event?

Question asked by Motion.Local on Apr 12, 2017
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I have noticed that it is not possible to have multiple ACI_GATT_WRITE_CHAR_VALUE per connection event.

I have set up the following connection: connection interval of 40ms and connection event length of 21.875ms (the maximum I can while continuing to advertise in parallel).

Using a sniffing tool, I see that what is happening is the following:

- Master -> Slave : Write Request

- Wait for 40ms (next connection interval)

- Slave -> Master : Write Response

- Wait for 40ms (next connection interval)

- Master -> Slave : Write Request

- etc.


Is that a normal behavior? Why isn't it possible to have the Write response inside the same connection event, and more write reqests?


Note that if I use ACI_GATT_WRITE_WITHOUT_RESP (Write command), I don't face the issue, and it's possible to send multiple ones inside the same connection event (around every 700us)


Thanks for your help.